3D Framer

3D Framer

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Roof framing generator for AutoCAD

3D Framer

3D Framer is a roof framing generator for AutoCAD. It can create a 3D model of your roof framing layout by defining a few settings and then selecting a few points

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Build You Roof In 3D Before Construction

This roof framing software provides a easy to learn solution for architects, builders and carpenters, who need create a 3D framing plan showing roof framing members before constructing it in the field. You just need a 3D roof model to get started.

By selecting points you first define the gable and roof opening boundaries with a polyline. Then just specify nominal lumber size in inches and define rafter spacing. Upon selection of boundaries you get the framing drawn.

3D Framer Features

  • Supports AutoCAD 2000 thru current
  • Automatic 1/2″ off for actual dressed lumber size
  • Allows for the selection of a framing starting point
  • Ridges, fascias, hip rafters, end rafters and dormers can also be drawn
  • All elements are 3D polylines with their own height and width suitable for Hide or Render
  • Each element has its unique layer
  • Tutorial model file is included. Use this file as a template for your own model

Roof framing software commands

GABLE – Aligns UCS and defines Gable and Roof openings geometry.
FRAMER – Constructs Gable Framing. (You must run GABLE first).
HIP – Constructs Hip and Valley rafters.
ND – Constructs End rafters.
HORI – Constructs Horizontal Lumber such as ridges, fascias, purlins and plates.

How to install the AutoCAD Add-On

1- Copy the 3D-FRAMER.fas to your AutoCAD directory.
2- Then go into AutoCAD and load the roof framing software (3D-FRAMER.fas) with “Load Application”.

A quick recap about this AutoCAD Add-On