AutoCAD Shortcuts In 12 minutes

Technically shortcuts are hot keys (key combinations) and commands are well… just commands. But all in all shortcuts in my opinion are quick ways to key around the menus and pulldowns – learning some of these shortcuts will make your cad days so much easier

Hope you enjoy my 12 min crash course on using AutoCAD shortcut keys. Even if you have used AutoCAD before, I hope this will be a good refresher for you.

YouTube video

Also be sure to grab my cheatsheet of Autocad shortcuts keys and commands here.

In this CAD shortcuts video you’ll find how to easily draw lines, rectangles and circle, learn Osnaps and Grips, plus. Mirror, Explode, Erase, Trim and Offset examples.

CAD Tips:

√ Stay with the Command Line as you draw (use DYNMODE so commands can be entered are at your cursor)

√ Take advantage of Grips – use spacebar key to quickly move, rotate etc…

√ Make sure OSnaps are activated – activate on the ones you need.

√ Use the Status Bar (lower strip) is a shortcut in itself. Use it to quickly turn off and on  settings. Many are just one click or right click.