AutoCAD Symbols – Organizing Blocks Using PullDowns

Categorizing and finding the right AutoCAD Symbol is a job all on it’s own. First you have to create the block, then categorize it and devise an easy way to find it on the fly. An easier approach is to take your block library and attach it to a menu pull-down system. It’s a great alternative to categorizing and locating a large library of symbols.

Our simple approach to managing AutoCAD Symbols:

  • Let Menus inside AutoCAD lead you directly towards the block
  • Devise the symbols to work with current layer standards
  • Logically arrange trees and branches to find symbols fast
  • Do all the above to prevent ever having to redraw a symbol!

Examples of AutoCAD Libraries using this same system

We offer several AutoCAD Symbol Libraries using this exact system. All the blocks have been created and categorized for you. A simple install gets you on your way in minutes.

AutoCAD Symbols - the Pull Down Approach

Other Related Symbols Libraries We Offer

Questions? – email us and ask us about the easiest way to integrate your AutoCAD Symbols directly into your menus. We would be happy to walk you though the installation over the phone.