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Build 2D Elevations & 3D Roofs In AutoCAD

Roof Builder

Looking for a fast way to create a 3D roof models inside AutoCAD? Want to save time creating 2D elevations in AutoCAD? Then you’ll be amazed at what Roof Builder Tools can do.

Create 3D Roofs No Matter How Complex!

Roof Builder Tools (RBT) is a plug-in for AutoCAD. The software turns a formatted 2D roof plan into 3D solids. By selecting the roof planes from your 2d-roof plan, RBT can create any complex roof model in minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be able to generate a model, even if you know nothing about 3d.

Create 2D Elevations

Although RBT is a extremely powerful 3d modeling tool it can also be used to generate accurate 2d architectural elevations inside AutoCAD. RBT also features an effective tutorial guide that will help you to make your first roof model a success.

Roof Builder

Roof model generated with RBT. Then rendered in AutoCAD.

Roof Modeling Features:

  • Try before you buy – 30 days trial Easy to learn 3D modeling.
  • Builds complex roofs quickly.
  • Create accurate 2d elevations on the fly.
  • Supports both angle and pitch input.
  • Metric or Standard menu toggle.
  • Simple plate finder for dormers and high hips.
  • Simple wall extruder included.
  • Help file with tutorial for easy reference.

New Features: floating toolbar, settings dialog box, save and load multiple profiles.

Roof Builder Tools illustrations shows the process of creating a 2d elevation from your 3d model. RBT hides your model and then extracts 2d lines from it. Now you can fully use your 3d model to create 2d elevations for your drawings.

With Roof Builder Tools 3d modeling has never been so easy. See for yourself how RBT can save you time. Se other plugins we have which Build 2D Elevations & 3D Roofs In AutoCAD from these models.

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