Dynamic Doors & Windows

Dynamic Doors & Windows

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Dynamic Doors & Windows For AutoCAD®

Dynamic Doors & Windows

Dynamic Doors & Windows is a new block library that consists of a useful dynamic block set of doors and windows, for architectural floor plans.

Compatible with AutoCAD 2010 thru the latest release.

Video above shows how easy it is to use the dynamic blocks.

Features quick insertion and a masking feature, which “breaks” the wall lines. You can also stretch the width and frame size by using grips.

This add-on also works with imperial and metric units.

There are dozens of options for each type of door, being able to choose the swing side, and additionally several different types of hardware combinations, by using what are called visibility states.

Plus each block is also automatically populated width and frame attribute fields, plus there are 10 additional door and window attribute data, which can be filled in by the user, and then later extracted to either AutoCAD or Excel.

This dynamic block library is easy to install and is downloadable after ordering. Free support is also included.

Door & Window types featured are:

  • Single swing
  • Double swing
  • Single, double acting
  • Double, double acting
  • Single pocket
  • Double pocket
  • Single bifold
  • Double bifold
  • Sliding door
  • Single tempered glass
  • Double tempered glass
  • Double hung window
  • Fixed glazing
  • Sliding window

Other Door & Window tips :

  • The block “breaks” the wall thru a masking feature.
  • Frame: 1 ½” wide by total wall depth.
  • Circular shape door/window tag, with name and width in feet & inches.
  • Different layers for the frame, door panel, glazing, sill, swing arc and door/window tag.
  • You can use TOOLPALETTES in order to drag & drop blocks into your drawing.
  • Wipeout Frame should be set = OFF
  • For wipeout Color 178, set screening = 0 on your plot style file (ctb)
  • REGEN always after stretching doors or windows in order to automatically update the width and/or frame depth.
  • FIELDDISPLAY= 0 in order to avoid Width grey background.
  • ATTDIA= 1 in order to be able to fill in attribute values.
  • You can use data extraction (Tools > Data extraction) for extracting attribute values to AutoCad or Excel.
  • Drafting settings: DS > Dynamic Input > Enable Dimension input box checked.
  • Door/window geometry and tag can be custom edited
  • Runs in every version of AutoCAD after 2006

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