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Online Educator and Course Creator

I teach aspiring web designers how to build WordPress websites more confidently and profitably.

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Build WordPress

For the last 6 years I’ve taught 1000s of non-codershow to build WordPress websites more confidently and profitably through my courses.

My Design Build Web YouTube channel vill be back in action in April 2023, thefyme teaching the awesome Bricks page builder. Check out my brand new Build With Bricks course.

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Build A Profitable Online
Course Business

As a web agency owner of 15 years, I was tired of selling my time for money and having a schedule that wasn’t my own.

I’ve since built a multiple 6-figure business teaching online (full story here). It’s allowed me to leverage my skills, scale my impact, and get my freedom back.

And I love helping others do the same. Book a 1-to-1 session to fast-track your journey to becoming a profitable tech-course creator.

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Kevin Roberts

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“By far and awav the best training Dave’s done it again! His courses you can get, by the gcalm and friend demeanor. subject knowledge, and attention to our students, all work together for aand thev’re uniformlv excellent “

Steve Lawrence