The Story Behind SimpleCAD


About The Founder

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Erik Zetterberg, the founder of Since 1983 I have been involved with AutoCAD and 3rd party CAD applications. During this period I wrote several AutoCAD related add-ons, including a popular 3D roof modeling package while working with various firms.

Then in the late 90’s I switched careers and became a webmaster for several niche sites and later launched a SEO consulting firm at which led me to where I am now. My work at Cadopolis – Prior to opening this site I was head web developer at Cadopolis, a firm based just outside of Toronto, Canada.

While working there I was able to see Cadopolis grow up to become one of the largest CAD shopping sites on the web. During this time Cadopolis had a great reputation for their customer support and reliable software delivery. One of my primary responsibilities at Cadopolis was not only to support, but maintain and optimize over 300 CAD Products pages.

Roof Builder Tools

Roof built by RBT

Although the site was really a success during the first few years, sales began to give way in late 2008. Unfortunately Cadopolis, like many other businesses during this period, finally had to change their focus due to the lagging economy. (note: you can still visit the site today to view the products there but as far I know, none are available for purchase).

So then in early February 2010, with the permission of Cadopolis, I decided launch a similar site … continuing with the same theme but with a more simplified and clearer approach to CAD add-ons … hence the name SimpleCAD.

There we added CAD Blocks, Utilities and an assortment of AutoCAD Books.

SimpleCAD’s Mission

The primary goal at SimpleCAD is to provide top-notch support. We stand behind every product we sell and take the extra step to ensure that every products listed gets the same treatment.

Our hours are 8-5 PST, M-F. Call us now on our toll free help line at 877-933-3929 or email us, you question will be addressed the same day! We are committed to keep our programming and support staff local to the U.S.Please contact us with any questions you may have.


About SimpleCAD